Convertiva: Innovation, Ubiquity and Pervasiveness

The inline consumer wants it now. Effortlessly. Hassle free. Doesn’t matter where.

The inline consumer see no difference between the online and offline world. Computers are wearable. Experiences and feelings should be shared online at the exact time they occur. A physical place is interactive and may answer all of his questions quickly. The experience is adapted to his profile and may be as fast as he wants. Any stimuli he receives can be amplified. Any call to action may allow him to answer. Any action from him, may cause a reaction.

Choosing the best product that better fulfil the needs, pay a fair price and use itĀ for a long time is no longer enough. The product’s core benefits should be extended. It should be mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive.

The inline consumer wants the complete information about it, friends’ opinions, the power to express his feelings, the possibility to be part of a community of users.

That’s the user we have in mind when creating a business model, product or extended digital service to our clients’ products.