About Us

Convertiva Mobile was founded by Marco Panichi in 2010 to explore the unlimited opportunities that were about to be brought by the Mobile devices evolution.  On 2011 the company received USD 100 th seed money from a private investor to develop one of the most comprehensive Second Screen platforms of the world. After the launch of Vibetr in Brasil, the iVentize platform was created meanwhile other APPs in the Educational and consumer engagement areas were developed as special projects to clients.

As of 2014 the company opened an office in Miami to explore new opportunities to its main SaaS platforms: Vibetr and iVentize. Also, started to work in a new and innovative Marketplace platform that will deliver an unified purchasing experience both on retail and online.

The Convertiva team comprises a UX/UI Designer, senior engineers and computer science professionals with expertise in web development, Unix, Objective-C, C, Android and Java languages.  The founder’s main background is Marketing and UX and he’s today in charge of business development, R&D decisions and creative direction of the projects.

Marco spent 8 years working in Philip Morris International leading projects in the areas of Supply-Chain, IS/IT and Marketing in different countries.  He was also a signed musician/composer/producer who has performed in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and North-America.